Living in light / dark spaces

Explore the difficult spaces in your life


to one.

A two day studio workshop that's all about you.

I help people see the unhelpful patterns that they've created during their life.

Free yourself from the distractions of every day life and explore the thoughts and patterns of your current narrative in this two-day studio workshop.

This studio workshop is not a therapy. The journey is yours and this painting experience will serve the purpose you need it for at this time in your life:

  • it will enable a cathartic release.

  • you will be able to explore your feelings and needs.

  • it will be satisfying, enjoyable and fun in itself.

  • it may challenge you to take a new pathway.

  • You might have an 'a-ha' moment.

A one to one experience

"You know what you want. You just have to learn how to ask for it."

It was my intuition that led me to the artist Lizz Daniels at the time when I was struggling with myself. I applied for a two-day individual workshop in autumn 2020. Lizz challenged me to paint a women’s face, and taught me to awaken the divine feminine energy and put it on a canvas. It was an unforgettable and almost a ritual-like experience that awoke my creativity even more and gave me a new starting point.


As a composer, I decided to bring this feeling into my music, and a year later I wrote a piece for piano called Divine Feminine. My idea was to create a fragile, sensitive and at the same time strong musical character. It has nothing to do with feminism. The divine feminine is not the visible, but the hidden power. It is about valuing intuition over thinking and focusing the energy inward rather than outward. Divine Feminine represents the part of our consciousness that connects us to qualities like intuition, feeling, nurturing, forgiving.

I continually work on trusting my intuition as well as challenging my inner critic who sometimes likes to suggest 'I'm not enough'.  I thrive on being creative and have multiple projects and ideas going on at once.

Infinite possibilities exist and there is no end to the work we can do. 


light in the darkness

 I am very familiar with the understanding of what darkness is and how it can be both a hindrance and a joy.  

When faced with all-consuming darkness in whatever form it takes, one is forced to look inward for solutions and deal with what one finds.

Making art and being creative has been vital in my life enabling to me to deal with psychological and emotional overload.

I know how it feels to be stuck, betrayed, overcome with pain and grief. This is what I have been working with for many years using my art practice as a means of expression.


Following the death of my daughter in 1996 I was led unknowingly into a technique which I later discovered was called flow art - that is, 'non-thinking', 'in the moment', 'focused-awareness' spontaneous art. This is a very therapeutic way of using art as a tool for healing and regeneration.

Using the medium of vinyl sticky-back plastic adhesive, I navigated the underworld with amazing clarity facing depression and grief full-on. Using my hands, heart and head in easy non-directive random ways brought me to understanding the healing power of art.

I have been involved in personal development for the last 35 years and am a credited trainer in Assertiveness and Women’s Sexuality,  The Art of Allowing, Intentional Creativity and as a Red Thread Guide. I personally use laughter as medicine and uphold the Divine Feminine Impulse.

What to expect from your workshop with Lizz.

Challenge your expectations

Bring your whole self to the workshop. We'll explore your long held beliefs and patterns of thinking and create opportunities for you to break through the constraints that you've established over time.

Choose a new path

The studio workshop gives you a time, space and tools to look at the jigsaw puzzle of your life from a new perspective. With refreshed creativity, previous participants have made significant - and positive - changes to their careers and relationships.

Develop your creativity

Painting is a powerful tool and boldness is something I support and encourage. Connecting head, hand heart  is the pathway to freedom and in this painting workshop you'll explore the frustrations and mental blocks that hold you back from freely accessing your creativity.

Whether working as a new or established artist or simply creatively-curious, everyone changes after this two-day workshop.

A one to one experience

Paint With Me

After a long time of self-development work in one form or another, in the spring of 2021 I had come to a point where it said "stop", and life felt empty. To move forward, there was a need for a kind of redemption, and for me, creative work is always a good way to let go of the mental barriers.

To enroll in a painting course when I can not draw as much as a "stretch person", I saw as positive, because I had no expectations of the actual result, and thus the performance anxiety was gone.

It was a magical weekend, on many levels. There are many elements in the process itself, and I got a much clearer vision for my way forward. This was a journey in itself, which just has to be experienced.

The weekend was a creative and spiritual journey in intentions, new visions, new self-insight, 3 products and not least, the good energy in a friendship, when two people work so closely in the same intention. Highly recommend "Paint With Me" - weekend with Lizz warmly, and is it to get out of a standstill, or would treat yourself to a little extra care for the soul, this is a good way to invest in yourself. 

Trude Kjærnes

A one to one experience

Paint With Me

Etter en lang stund med selvutviklingsarbeid i en eller annen form, hadde jeg våren 2021 kommet til et punkt hvor det sa ”stopp”, og tilværelsen føltes tom.

For å komme videre, var det behov for en slags forløsning, og for meg er alltid kreativt arbeid en god måte å slippe de mentale sperringene på. Å melde seg på et malerkurs når jeg ikke kan  tegne så mye som et ”strekmenneske” ,  så jeg som positivt, for jeg hadde ingen forventninger til selve resultatet, og dermed ble prestasjonsangsten borte.

Det ble en magisk helg, på mange plan. Det er mange elementer i selve prosessen, og jeg fikk en mye klarere visjon for min vei fremover. Dette ble en reise i seg selv, som bare må oppleves.

Helgen ble en kreativ og spirituell reise i intensjoner, nye visjoner, ny selvinnsikt, 3 produkter og ikke minst, den gode energien i et vennskap, når to mennesker jobber så tett i samme intensjon.  Anbefaler ”Paint With Me ”- helg med Lizz på det varmeste, og er det for å komme ut av stillstand, eller ville unne seg litt ekstra pleie for sjelen, er dette en god måte å investere i deg selv på.

Trude Kjærnes

How to book

One workshop a month

As a working artist, I offer just one studio workshop a month. Each workshop runs over two consecutive days and takes place at my studio in Sandefjord, Norway.

I can provide recommendations for accomodation nearby, but you will need to organise your own travel arrangements.

Each workshop costs NKR3,500 (€350). Please click your preferred month to request available dates and book a preliminary telephone discussion. All workshops will be confirmed by email.