My art is a process of finding, transforming, revisting and recreating.  

There's no end to the places we'll go.

The art of transformation

Lizz Daniels collects the unloved, thrown away, forgotten pieces of life and gathers them into her studio for working into transformational conceptual art, sculptures, collages, hats, and installations. In her one-to-one creative workshops, she guides her students in exploring their creativity and enabling each student to emerge with different insights seeing a new, clearer path ahead. For Lizz, life is all about growth and the process of change.

Studio Workshops

An immersive two-day workshop. This is a life-changing journey. Using fun, creative, art techniques, Lizz guides workshop participants to discover their creativity and explore programmed limitations. Art is a wonderful way to get to know yourself and Lizz is skilled in helping you to be you.   

Exhibitions & Events

Highlights of current and past exhibitions.

Lizz creates art for sale, exhibition and public spaces: from light installations to sticky backed plastic, photography, painting and collage.


Take Lizz's artwork into your life.

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