a  Lizz Daniels Summer Exhibition at the Låve

Bringing Light to Dark Spaces

JULY 2024

Thursdays 2-8pm

Fridays 2-8pm

Saturdays 10am-5pm

Sundays 10am -5pm

An exhibition of Lizz Daniels latest work at her Låve in Tjodalyng.

A selection of art pieces will be available to purchase along with greeting cards and posters of the Hats in a Pandemic series. 


Lizz Daniels Låve

Ulaveien 84

3280 Tjodalyng

about Lizz Daniels

Lizz Daniels works with the texture of paint, paste, paper in all its’ forms to transmute old canvases into something different, better and lighter. She brings a kind of alchemy to old, pre-used canvases and changes and develops them over time.

She works with found objects too. Layering paint and collage, or even, in the case of her Hats in a Pandemic series, she documented the creation of extraordinary headwear. Her sculptural pieces took the bewilderment and confusion we felt about the Covid Pandemic and more recently, modern life in general, and transmuted them into humour, astonishment and wonder.

All Daniels experiences in life comes out in her paintings, including grief, sorrow and darkness.

"I'm motivated by my desire to bring light to these dark experiences. It's my soul mission of this incarnation to go into the darkness and make cracks for the light to get in."

Lizz Daniels

Many of Daniels' paintings have been created over a period of years. She has return to them repeatedly, allowing them to change and tell new stories.

"When I start painting, I don’t always know what I’m going to do. The pieces of work that make it into the gallery are brought about through a process of time, feeling and storytelling."

Lizz Daniels

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