a Lizz Daniels Låve collaboration with Magdalena Pamula & Kacper Lech

At the top of your voice

Voice workshop for body and soul

10-11 August 2024

  • 3200 NOK 

The voice is an image of the soul - through our voice we can see our mood, our tensions and the emotions behind them.

Furthermore we can see fears, anxiety, anger and stress. Our voice accompanies us every day, but we do not always find time to truly listen.

For the sake of expanding the awareness of our voices and bodies, we need to reach out into the unknown - feeling and meeting our inner strength.

This course is run in English.


Lizz Daniels Låve

Ulaveien 84

3280 Tjodalyng

Send an email to Kacper Lech to book your place.

What to expect

Our workshop is based on breathing and rhythm exercises, voice and music practices and relaxation of the body techniques. 

In order to start talking, singing and shouting at the top of your voice – we need nature, calmness, free space to feel myself and to immerse myself in the practice of my sound, of me.

To deepen those activities we will use our knowledge of culture of the indigenous peoples of Central America.

Workshops will take place in a very beautiful and magical place full of paintings, sculptures and fairies. 

Course content

You do not have to be a singer to enjoy and benefit from this workshop. We use our voice to reveal something within ourselves.

Your voice is a tool, not a goal. Come and discover for yourself.

The course is run in English, and led by Magdalena Pamula and Kacper Lech.

The course contains, among other things:


  • breathing exercises
  • self-massage releasing muscle tension
  • working with emotions through voice
  • work on harmonies and polyphony
  • rhythm and movement exercises
  • learning folk songs
  • outdoor activities in the surrounding woodland and rock formations

To book your place on this Voice Workshop, please click the link below to

email Kacper Lech


"Together in life and on stage, playing and singing in the same theater. Our main artistic inspiration are travels. Wherever we’ve been (Palestine, Ukraine, Sardinia, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Norway) we have left a part of our voice."

Magdalene Pamula & Kacper Lech

Magdalena Pamula

Magdalena is a Polish vocalist and theatre actor. She is a graduate of Theatre Studies in Kracow and 12th Academy for Theatre Practices, "Gardzienice”. She worked in the main crew of „"Gardzienice” Theatre (2015-2021).

Magdalena is currently acting with  the “Lalka” Theatre in Warsaw. She has been awarded many prizes during the festivals of sung poetry and received a special Medal of Lublin’s President for the International Theatre’s Day. Magdalena writes lyrics to her own music, and also performs slavic folk music and sung poetry, filtered by her own sensitivity and creativity.

Kacper Lech

Kacper is a Polish film & theatre actor, vocalist. He is a graduate of the Stanisław Wyspiański Academy of Theater Arts in Krakow. He worked from 2016 to 2021 at the European Center for Theatre Practices "Gardzienice".

Kacper has performed in numerous theaters, films and serial productions. He grew up in the "Trzy Źródła” – center of spiritual practices in Poland (run by his parents) - where shamanic traditions accompanied him from an early age. He has participated in workshops of Inca, Mayan and Toltec culture.



It is possible to stay overnight at the workshop. For details of simple, hostel accomodation at Gallerie Lave, please contact Lizz Daniels.