Find your

inner compass.

Free yourself from the distractions of every day life and explore the thoughts and patterns of your current narrative in a creative, fun, studio workshop in Sandefjord, Norway.

Going north when you want to go south?

The studio workshop gives you a time and space to look at the jigsaw puzzle of your life from a new perspective.

Using paint, print, cutting and sticking, we will find way to connect head, hands and heart on a pathway to freedom.

You'll explore the frustrations and mental blocks that hold you back from freely accessing your creativity.

"Lizz kindly arranged evening art sessions for me and a small group of female friends. The experience was delightful!"

It is a real treat to visit Lizz’s studio. A cozy, captivating Aladdin’s cave - chock-a-block with curiosities, treasures, and trinkets to capture the eye, warm the heart and feed the soul. It is the perfect space to inspire creativity!

Lizz is a warm, generous, and patient teacher. She is also a lot of fun. Focusing on process over product, she encourages you to be playful, creative, and fearless as you explore and experiment with materials and techniques.

The environment and activities inspire focus, flow, and freedom. I emerge from her studio feeling lighter, brighter, relaxed and at peace. Highly recommend!

Start having fun

Workshops are organised throughout the year for individuals or small groups of up to 10 people at a time in Sandefjord, Norway. 

 Please let me know a little about you, and we will agree a workshop time and date as soon as possible. 

I doodle and draw all the time.
Pens and pencils are only for writing letters and numbers.
I see patterns and animals in the clouds.
Meditation isn't for me.
Listening to music is important to me.
I'm often interested in trying something new.
I don't see myself as creative.
Small group workshop